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The student at the center of the school

Boris Mazurier

The word of the founder

Le mot du fondateur

Put the student at the heart of the system: this is the vocation of IES, which has been working for three years on a decidedly different model in order to offer an interactive pedagogy coupled with a quality framework to promote the acquisition of knowledge and enable integration at the workplace.

At IES, teachers are first and foremost experienced trainers; some are PhDs or PhD students, others are directly from the field with a knowledge of the market reality. The cohesion of these provides students with a pragmatic and reasoned approach to the economic situation and the needs of businesses.

All programs – preparatory classes for the grandes écoles curriculum – are designed according to market requirements. Pilot of the structure, I have a solid experience in higher education that allows me today to offer a participatory vision to each of the actors.

The school finally, whose premises were transferred in front of the faculty law, enjoys a framework favoring national and international exchanges, point on which we remain vigilant, aware that the globalization of the markets requires excellence.

It is with these devices that we will bring the knowledge – today named the soft and hard skills-necessary for the future of our younger generations.

Our values

Alongside the classic values ​​of benevolence and excellence that are specific to each school, IES draws its strength from its positioning: the student at the heart of the system, a notion inspired by the model of the countries of Northern Europe that have proved themselves in education.

  • Respect
  • Ethic
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Blooming
  • Trust
  • Excellence
  • Team spirit
  • Efficiency

25 students maximum per class

This concern encourages us to offer classes of up to 25 in order to promote listening and interactivity. The student is here invited to participate in the life of the company and its programs. Each of his requests is studied carefully, the whole being readjusted according to the standards specific to each diploma.

Personal development

Beyond traditional knowledge, the school intends to promote personal development to allow the emergence of the true personality of each and offer him a quality essential to success: audacity! IES has set up theater workshops where each student is invited to release his energy, develop his expression, elements contributing to assertiveness.

Listening, understanding and trust

No daring without talent! To create and grow, a climate of listening, understanding and trust is created from the beginning of schooling to allow a synergy that will be beneficial to all.

Our governance

Governance develops through a method based on the sharing of knowledge among its members to ensure a real transmission of knowledge. It is concretized by the implementation of projects aiming at the development of the school in a collective interest.

The purpose of this governance is threefold: to ensure the updating of programs, which must meet regulatory requirements, obtain academic accreditations leading to greater recognition of diplomas and finally create a research laboratory with permanent research teachers. The school works in this direction with recruiting doctoral students or doctors whose excellence and publications value both the school and the students.

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Our team

While the project was originally run by a visionary placing the student at the center of pedagogy, the concept has evolved into a philosophy shared by many actors. The school has grown rapidly, responding to the strong needs expressed at the local level; that of a structure associating excellence and Humanism in a setting where the pupil plays a central role.

Beside the director and his deputy – two renowned university professors – the director of programs – former vice-dean of the Faculty of Law de Rouen – brings coherence to all studies. Teachers, all experienced, come from the world of the university and take to heart the exercise of their profession associating benevolence, competence, and strong implication. Three qualities at the service of the pupil who is, at IES, a real challenge to which we respond by co-constructing knowledge in a climate of trust.