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Initially a statement; the pupil must be at the heart of the educational system. Then a reflection, that of the co-construction of a course in order to establish a structure meeting both the requirements of a youth in search of knowledge, the needs of businesses without forgetting the regulatory framework for diplomas. Then a project, framed by strong and structuring values; This is how the IESN was born, under the will of a leader who had been the head of Parisian schools.

Conceived of the need to place the student at the heart of pedagogy, Boris Mazurier created in 2015 a school with only a few branches. 40 students answered present. The IESN was born. A year later, in parallel with the development of classical courses, the school had 140 students. In 2017, with the creation of new Bac +4 / Bac +5 and a structure dedicated to entrepreneurship, the school welcomed 300 students. In the same year, the IESN opened a research laboratory and recruited international professors. At the same time, the diplomas were all recognized RNCP.


Our programmes

Bac + 2 Gestionnaire de l'administration des ventes et de la relation commerciale

Bachelor Responsable du Développement et du Pilotage Commerciale

Titre RNCP de niveau II avec plusieurs parcours disponibles

Bachelor Opérationnel de Gestion

Titre RNCP de niveau II avec plusieurs parcours disponibles

Bac +5 Manager des Unités Opérationnelles

Titre RNCP de niveau I avec plusieurs parcours disponibles

Bac +5 Manager des Ressources Humaines

Titre RNCP de niveau I