Campus life

campus ideally located in Rouen

The IES Normandie campus is located in the heart of Rouen on the green alley of Avenue Pasteur (lively student area with the faculty of law, economics and management), close to the leisure area of the Seine docks (restaurants, bars, sports halls, cultural facilities, etc.).

A unique building unites all students, bringing the campus to a true community atmosphere. Exchanges are also encouraged by the digital tools available to students. There are also many services to help you make the most of your IES experience.

Station SNCF Rouen – Rive Droite

  • 19 mn
  • 14 mn
  • 8 mn
  • 8 mn
  • 5 mn

City Centre – Gros-Horloge

  • 14 mn
  • 13 mn
  • 7 mn
  • 6 mn
  • 4 mn


  • 1h15
  • 1h15

Normandy beaches

  • 1h00
  • 1h00

Associative life

Your life at IES isn’t just about studying, there are many ways to get involved in extracurricular activities. Join the BDE-BDS or create your own association, get involved in a cultural or sports activity, participate in volunteering for a charity or organizing an event on campus, it is up to you to create your own IES experience.


BDE BDS – Bureau des Elèves – Bureau des Sports

The BDE is the main driver of student activity at the IES with numerous events, charities, breakfasts and renowned evenings throughout the year.

The BDS offers students to get involved for the school in sports competitions, from tennis to broomstick.

Visit the BDE IESN Facebook page

The events of the IES

At the IES, there are regular events during the year, which range from lectures to support partners like the Dragons of Rouen. 2 appointments are essential:


The IES Normandy Gala

A festive and convivial event that brings together students, teachers and administration at the end of the school year. The Gala 2019 was held in the beautiful setting offered by Vue Sur Seine on the right bank of Rouen.


IES Normandy graduation ceremony

Each year the graduation ceremony is a moving moment shared with IES students, faculty and administrative teams. It is also a special time for graduates who leave school to join the professional world. An association of Alumni is being created to bring together the community of IES Normandy alumni.


The life of the IES campus is also the opportunity to create your company. Emblematic project: La Belle Sneaker. This project is a success and the IES Normandie is pleased to see an entrepreneurial activity taking life at the initiative of its students. La Belle Sneaker has established itself directly within the school where one can find their production workshop. La Belle Sneaker marks the beginning of the entrepreneurial adventure at the IES. It is the foundation stone of the incubator building that the school wants to put in place. The path is still long but it is flowing in the right direction and other projects are already being studied to fill this incubator.

Enterprise and International at IES

The IES aims to train open students in the economic and international environment. IES teams are dedicated to these objectives.


Relations with enterprises

The Business Relations Department connects recruiters with students to meet their internship, work experience or employment needs.

  • Distribution of offers
  • Workshops: resume, interviews…
  • Job Forum, Job Dating…

An IES Strategic Steering Committee brings together business leaders from the region to strengthen this strong link between the school and economic actors.


A strong international dimension

In addition to programs dedicated to foreign students, the IES Normandie offers its students several courses to evolve internationally.

  • Partners to integrate a year in a quality establishment in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, the United States or Vietnam.
  • MBA with a recognized diploma in both France and Great Britain.

Christophe CALLE

Director of Human Resources at ANIDER

Chairman of the IES Normandy Strategic Steering Committee