Living in Rouen

Welcome to Rouen

Located about 1 hour from Paris, Rouen and the Seine Valley are a haven of peace for locals and visitors. With its many monuments, the tallest cathedral in France, its gastronomy, its cultural heritage, and local products, its events and its central location, only Rouen could be the capital of Normandy.


Essential sites to visit include the Rouen Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the street of Gros-Horloge, the Place du Vieux-Marché, the Church of Saint-Maclou, Joan of Arc’s stake, the English cemetery in Petit-Quevilly. All these sites can be enjoyed throughout the year on a trip with more information from our tourist office.

Cost of living

Cost of living for a student is an average budget of €840 per month, according to Unef. This takes into account the accommodation, but also transport and food. In regards to outings, there are many discounts for students to see even free things with a student card.