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BA Business and Management


BA Business and Management


BTEC National Diploma / Certificates of completion





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BA Business and Management

If these are the skills that you want to develop, Glyndwr University has a programme for you. For nearly 60 years, they have been helping aspiring business leaders tap into their entrepreneurial potential. It’s what they do best.

We are an international programme center of Northwood University. They have nearly 60 years of experience in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into their entrepreneurial potential.

This course gives access to positions in business creation within a company or a start-up.

Whether you’re looking ahead to owning your own company, managing a family-owned business or being a change agent in the corporate environment, our Entrepreneurship major covers everything you need to know.

We also give you hands-on experience to help make that happen. You’ll participate in entrepreneurial roundtables, spend time with our entrepreneurs-in-residence and other mentors from the business community and take part in special workshops and training programs designed to put you on the path to free enterprise success.



  • Provide an international Bachelor with English courses and possibility to study abroad
  • Deliver two professional diplomas valued by employers looking for graduates with international profiles


BA (Hons) Glyndwr University Business & Management

IES is franchised by Glyndwr University to deliver the BA and upon successful completion students would receive a Glyndwr degree certificate.

Top 30% Worldwide


Why choose IES ?
  • Individualized support
  • No more than 25 students per class
  • Renowned teachers and quality professional counsellors 
  • Opportunity to study abroad
Teaching methods
    • Themed conferences
    • Weeks of interactive events
    • Business games
    • Theoretical and practical courses

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