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Admission & Prices – BBA Business and Management


Eligibility requirements :

High school diploma or equivalent

English proficiency (Year 1 : IELTS 5 ; Year 2 : IELTS 5 ; Year 3 : IELTS 5.5-6)


Entrance exam

Our exams are distance learning and are divided into two parts, a written and an oral part.

The written part consists of three tests:

– a comprehension test

– a reasoning test

– a test of written expression



Summary table :

Students from IES shall be considered for admission to the following University programmes based on the following admissions criteria

From IES Programme

Level of entry ECTS Credits Admissions criteria Tuition fees discount

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree Programme

Bachelor 1

4 0 Obtain an equivalence of the bachelor’s degree (the bachelor’s certificate is equivalent to the certificates of completion)


For students whose first language is not English, an IELTS 6 or a score of at least 5 will be required if the student has general ability.

50% down payment on tuition fees (4000€)

8000€ tuition fee


Table of equivalences: 

French diploma Foreign qualification

• Baccalauréat



BTEC National Diploma / Certificates of completion



• Licence / Bachelor





• Maîtrise / Master / Bac+5





  • BBA / ATHE (Year 1, 2): 6 900€ (Course 100% in English)
  • BBA Wrexham Glyndwr (Year 3): 8 000€ (Course 100% in English)