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BA Operations & Supply Chain Management


BA Operations and Supply Chain Management


BTEC National Diploma / Certificates of completion





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BA Operations & Supply Chain Management

Operations and supply chain management are rapidly growing fields. And what companies are looking for most are people who not only understand these disciplines, but who also know how to connect them to business strategy and the bottom line.

Through the close partnership with Northwood University, the courses at IES in Operations and Supply Chain Management major prepares you to do just that.

From your first class to your last, you’ll be immersed in a handson learning environment where you’ll hone the skills employers value most. Whether you ultimately own a business or work for a corporation, you’ll leave IES fully prepared to succeed in a rising global industry. A diploma from Northwood in Operations & Supply Chain Management ensures a degree focusing on a sector that has shown the most significant growth in the last decades.



Define and implement the Supply Chain and Purchasing action plan in the company

Develop a transversal vision of the functioning of the company

Mastering the challenges of the Supply Chain and purchasing of tomorrow


BA Operations and Supply Chain Management

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration issued by Northwood University, accredited and has exercised delegated powers to validate and issue its own degrees.

Top 18% Worldwide


Why choose IES ?
  • Individualized support
  • No more than 25 students per class
  • Renowned teachers and quality professional counsellors 
  • Opportunity to study abroad
Teaching methods
    • Themed conferences
    • Weeks of interactive events
    • Business games
    • Theoretical and practical courses

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