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MBA Top Up

A Top Up MBA is a program that offers professionals or individuals the possibility of completing a one-year MBA while combining an active life with studies. The course is conducted in English only and is also distance learning. This training allows anyone with a 5-year degree and a good level in English to obtain the last 60 credits of a Master of Business Administration (an MBA corresponds to 180 credits), corresponding to the validation of the thesis.

It is common for students who started an MBA program to be unable to complete it for whatever reason. In this case, candidates who have 120 credits will be able to complete their MBA by obtaining the remaining 60 credits that are required.

The MBA degree has always been highly valued in the business world. It allows you to advance in your career, earn a higher salary or acquire the skills necessary to run a start-up. Companies around the world are now looking for candidates with postgraduate qualifications to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market. As a result, many professionals are choosing to pursue an MBA, but are not able to graduate. The University of Wrexham Glyndwr’s Top-up Online MBA thus allows these candidates to earn a full UK Master of Business Administration in just 9 months, without having to repeat a 180-credit program. With its online learning approach (although face-to-face workshops are available as an option), students can complete this course without having to quit their jobs or sacrifice personal commitments.

The University of Wrexham Glyndwr MBA Top-up consists of one module. The final year dissertation is required to obtain the 60 ETCS credits needed to complete the course. It will be 18,000 words long and will be accompanied by 40 hours of project supervision. There will be no additional modules to complete.

The degree awarded to students is the same as a full UK Master of Business Administration. In fact, students have the option of completing their degree on the university campus, just like their full-time counterparts.


This module will assist students in completing an independent research project on a topic directly related to their work context and the program’s specialty.

The objectives of the dissertation are:

To help students identify a contemporary managerial problem of sufficient complexity to warrant investigation to find possible solutions ;
To enable students to apply the knowledge and expertise gained in the taught portion of the program;
Demonstrate mastery of a specific subject area;
Facilitate the development of applied research skills;
Provide insight into the nature and composition of academic research;
Enable students to undertake a focused dissertation research project.



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