L’élève au centre de l’école

L’élève au centre de l’école

the student at the center of the school



A new generation of student residences where young people meet and share their experiences. Our city is full of accommodation options such as student residences, hotels or Airbnb so that everyone can find what he wants. Our public transport: bus and underground continually serve the whole city.

The average price of a fully equipped private residence is 450€ per month. In Rouen, a deposit is required equivalent to one month’s rent on average. 

IES Business School has a partnership with Nexity Studéa, a company specializing in student housing. Therefore, you will have reductions on application fee and preferential access to the residences.

There are two residences located close to the school, as indicated below. 




Suitétude (Oméga Uxco)