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Doctor of Business Administration – DBA


DBA – Doctor of Business Administration


Master’s degree (EQF level 7 qualification – 90 ECTS)





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Doctor of Business Administration – DBA

DBA – Doctor of Business Administration, it’s a third cycle title in Business and Management equivalent to a PhD in Management Science.

IES Business School prioritizes above all the excellence of its teaching methods. Based on a faculty with a strong international background from the top 20 French business schools, university professors, and lecturers from the relevant industries. We promote an exchange of knowledge, skills, and self-reflection for the benefit of our students. IES’ pedagogy is supported and appreciated by both our growing student body and our faculty.

A PhD (or its equivalent, the more practitioner-oriented DBA) is the ultimate academic accolade and as such is much sought after.

In Africa, Asia, the Americas and elsewhere, having a PhD is seen as an essential prerequisite to obtaining a good academic appointment. However, having a Doctoral qualification is not just for aspiring academics, but a key element in a successful career path with many major organisations. This is because Doctoral studies involve carrying out an original piece of research work and thereby demonstrating the innovative and creative skill-sets so highly regarded by organisations at the cutting-edge of the industrial and commercial sectors in which they operate.

It is therefore increasingly the case that bright graduates who aspire to work with the world’s leading corporate brands want to obtain a Doctoral qualification so that they are better placed for appointment with these global brands by virtue of being able to offer relevant, original and unique niche expertise. Likewise, a Doctoral qualification is often the pathway to promotion or enhanced remuneration within such organisations.

It is therefore hardly surprising that more and more holders of Undergraduate or Masters degrees are seeking to register for and successfully complete Doctoral research.

There are two additional advantages, which are important:

  • Becoming an expert
  • Possibility to make a change or to have an impact on a topic


A DBA, an acronym for Doctor of Business Administration, is a postgraduate degree in business and management, equivalent to a PhD in management science.

The role of a DBA is to develop skills in advanced research, data analysis, problem solving and leadership. DBAs are experts in their field of specialisation, who can work in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, business strategy, logistics and supply chain.
The main difference between a DBA and a PhD is their research focus and perspective. PhDs are often focused on pure academic research and may work in areas such as scientific research, university research or government research. DBAs, on the other hand, tend to be more oriented towards the practical problems faced by businesses and seek to solve real business problems.

The career opportunities for a DBA can be very varied, depending on the specialization and skills acquired. DBAs can work in areas such as business consulting, senior management, academic research, training and development, project management, product development and entrepreneurship. DBAs can also become experts in finance, strategy, human resource management, logistics and supply chain.

The future prospects for DBAs are good, as companies are looking for highly skilled people to solve complex problems and drive business growth. DBAs can help companies improve their operational efficiency, profitability and competitiveness, which is essential to maintain their position in the global market. Furthermore, with the growing demand for innovative management solutions, DBAs are likely to play an increasingly important role in the coming years.

The European Institute of Management (EIM) is Higher Education Institution based in Valletta, Malta. The school specializes in the training of executives and business leaders, offering MBA, DBA and continuing education programmes.

The DBA offered by EIM is a top-level business administration doctorate programme designed for professionals seeking to develop their skills in advanced research, data analysis and leadership. They learn to solve practical problems in their field of activity, while gaining a solid management background.

The EIM DBA is a 3-year programme, which is partly online and partly face-to-face. Students take online courses, attend seminars and workshops on the IES campus, and work on their thesis research. 

EIM DBA students have the opportunity to specialize in a number of areas, such as finance, marketing, strategy, human resources management, entrepreneurship and supply chain management. Students work closely with experienced faculty and industry professionals to develop their research and management skills.

In summary, the EIM DBA is a high-level programme for professionals seeking to develop their advanced research and management skills, while gaining a solid business education. The programme offers flexibility and specialisation in a variety of areas, making it an attractive option for professionals seeking to advance their corporate careers.


  • Develop expertise in business management theories, concepts and practices
  • Acquire a solid understanding of management research methods
  • Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Develop a global vision and understanding of the economic, political and social environments in which companies operate
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the ethical, social and environmental implications of business management


DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

The EIM – DBA – is an EU-government accredited programme which is recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area (49 countries) delivered flexibly with extensive support specifically for successful leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Approved Higher Education Programme by MFHEA



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