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The student at the center of the school

The student at the center of the school

IES Business School first opened its doors in 2015 and has been in perpetual motion ever since.

With its maxim that the student should be at the centre of the school, IES accompanies every student individually throughout their courses.

The theoretical fundamentals taught are combined with professional learning, in order to intensify the knowledge shared and the experience gained by the student.

It is also about establishing objectives and giving the student the means to achieve them.

Individual attention

“Putting the student at the heart of the system: this is the vocation of IES, which has been working for three years on a decidedly distinctive model in order to offer an interactive pedagogy coupled with a quality framework to promote the acquisition of knowledge and enable integration at the workplace.

At IES, teachers are first and foremost experienced trainers; some are PhDs or PhD holders, others are directly from the field with a knowledge of the market reality. The combination of these provides students with a pragmatic and reasoned approach to the economic situation and the needs of businesses.

All programs – preparatory classes for the grandes écoles curriculum – are designed according to market requirements. As pilot of the structure, I have a solid experience in higher education that allows me today to offer a participatory vision to each of the actors.

The school finally, whose premises were transferred in front of the faculty law, enjoys a framework favoring national and international exchanges, point on which we remain vigilant, aware that the globalization of the markets requires excellence.

It is with these devices that we will bring the knowledge – today named the soft and hard skills-necessary for the future of our younger generations.”

Boris Mazurier

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