L’élève au centre de l’école
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the student at the center of the school

International partners


“In its five years of existence, IES Business School has concluded several hundred agreements with universities and business schools around the world and at all post-baccalaureate levels. It is the reward of our recognition in view of the pedagogical quality. To the point where we are a full partner like any English university with a certifier, which would allow us to set up recognized Anglo-Saxon programs! But IES is also about student and teacher exchanges, internships abroad, seminars, break years abroad, international seminars and conferences with renowned personalities.
IES, therefore, is the will to promote the international for all, with solutions adapted for each student.
IES, the student at the centre of the school.”
Boris Mazurier, founder and CEO


– QUT Brisbane

– RMIT Melbourne

– Southern Cross University
– ACU Melbourne/Sydney


– University of Sunshine Coast







Northwood University, USA

We have established a strategic relationship with Northwood University, a niche business University in the USA, as an articulation partner of the University whereby upon completion of relevant ATHE qualifications students can progress to appropriate Northwood Masters courses either in the USA or by online study in France.
Further, we will be the venue in France for the reception of Northwood’s One Semester in Europe initiative which will resume once COVID-19 is deemed to be in retreat. Under this scheme 20/25 Northwood students will spend a short time at IES Rouen annually. 


University of Suffolk,UK

We have agreed fourth year Global BBA arrangements with the University of Suffolk in Ipswich, United Kingdom which involves two the University’s Masters courses as outlined below.

  • For progression to the Suffolk Executive MBA with recognition of credit, students will be required to have successfully completed the ATHE Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (120 credits), and will complete the following Suffolk Executive MBA modules:
    – Management Project (40 credits) 
    – Managing in a Changing Environment (20 credits)
  • For progression to the MSc International Business and Management with advanced standing, students will be required to have successfully completed the ATHE Extended 
  • Diploma in Strategic Management (120 credits), and will complete the following University of Suffolk modules:

– Dissertation (40 credits)
– International Business (20 credits)


Griffith College, Ireland

Founded in 1974, Griffith College is the largest independent higher education institution in Ireland, with campuses in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. It offers high quality courses in areas such as law, business and journalism. The main campus is close to Dublin city centre, with halls of residence, a library, bar and sports hall. Griffith College is nationally and internationally recognised with accredited degrees.  

They will accept students from the above into designated Masters courses in Dublin provided the students can meet the relevant English Language proficiency requirement (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent – students at 6.0 also accepted if they do a short free Summer School course).

Griffith College also offers our students the following courses : 

• MSc International Business

• MSc Global Brand Management


University of Cumbria, uk

The University of Cumbria is located in Carlisle and is linked to five campuses, all of which are in the North of England and offer the most affordable student living prices in this part of the country. Five departments make up the institution’s offering in the fields of business and management, art, science, health and education. The University of Cumbria’s history dates back to 1882 when three institutions were formed and merged in 2007. 

Implementation of a Global BBA project: IES students complete an IES award (BBA – equivalent to UK honours degree) and use as entry to the UoC MBA, delivered in Lancaster.  Entry would be subject to work experience and English language and securing visa, etc. 

Implementation of a distance learning project. IES students complete an IES award (BBA – equivalent to UK honours degree) plus an ATHE Advanced Dip (L7) (ofqual regulated award).   

Once these degrees have been obtained this allows students to follow the UoC MBA, which will be delivered by distance learning.  

IES will provide local support to ensure the highest quality of education for students.


As also noted above, another core strategic goal is to establish Collaborative partnerships with UK/US Universities so that relevant degree courses of the partner can be offered in Rouen – ideally by blended learning.

In this regard we are in detailed discussion with Glyndwr University, Wales United Kingdom and have just completed the University’s due diligence process.

Finally, following successful completion of Global BBA progression arrangements with the University of Suffolk the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor has suggested that the next stage of the strategic relationship might be to consider offering designated degree Suffolk courses at Rouen.