What are cookies ?


A cookie is a small text file placed on your hard disk when you visit a website or view advertising information, subject of your choice, in order to store certain types of data that you are using on the website and provide adapted services to your terminal (computer, smartphone or tablet). Cookies are managed by your device and only the cookie issuer can read or modify the information it contains.


Cookies issued by this website


When you visit our website, information related to your Internet browsing on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) might be saved in « Cookies » files installed on your device, subject to the choices you can express regarding Cookies and that can be modified at any time.

This website uses Google Analytics cookies for the purpose of forming attendance statistics and detect any potential problems in order to control and improve the quality of our services. Cookies help us to recognize your web browser as a previous visitor, in order to save the preferences you determined on your previous visit. Cookies allow you to share contents on social networks via the Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.

The transmission and use of cookies by third parties (e.g. partners) shall be subject to the privacy policy of those third parties. We shall inform you about the purpose of cookies that we are aware of as well as the ways you have at your disposal in order to make choices regarding those cookies.


Cookies preferences


Several policies for managing cookies are available. Any cookies setting can change your browsing experience and access conditions to some services that require cookies.

You can opt for and change cookies settings at any time, using the ways as described hereafter.

Your browser can be set to save cookies in your device or, on the contrary, refuse them, at all times, or those from specific websites. Your browser can also be set to occasionally offer you to accept or refuse cookies, before a cookie can be saved on your device.

Different browsers make different controls available to you. Each browser’s website should contain instructions on how you can do it.

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