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MBA – Master of Business Administration


Bachelor or equivalence. 180 ECS credits – IELTS 6/6,5





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Master in Business Administration – MBA

IES Pedagogy

IES Business School prioritizes above all the excellence of its teaching methods. Based on a faculty with a strong international background from the top 20 French business schools, university professors, and lecturers from the relevant industries. We promote an exchange of knowledge, skills, and self-reflection for the benefit of our students. IES ’pedagogy is supported and appreciated by both our growing student body and our faculty An MBA continues to be the flagship qualification for postgraduate business students seeking to increase their subject knowledge, build a portfolio of management skills and enhance their future career prospects in a competitive and increasingly global arena. The MBA suite consists of a number of routes, all of which encompass three core topics that provide the foundation for a successful business, namely strategy, finance and leadership. The program is delivered through a series of six or eight taught subject specific modules over two trimesters. Whilst there is a theoretical element within each module, the focus is on contemporary business issues and problems to provide case studies, and the opportunity for critical debate to enhance knowledge and practical application. With a maximum of 25 students per class, high-quality teachers, and professional advisors, we strive to provide a personalized approach to education. This training provides you with the necessary theoretical knowledge. We are able to make the best use of your skills to enable you to have a professional career that meets your expectations


  • Develop and implement strategic objectives in accordance with the general strategy of the company
  • Harness employees around the business project and objectives
  • Building international partnerships


MBA – Master of Business Administration issued by the University of Whrexham Glyndwr University – full member of the University of Wales, accredited and has exercised delegated powers to validate and issue its own degrees.
The Glyndwr MBA is offered on the IES Business School Rouen campus. It is an international master’s degree. If you are passionate about the global economic environment and wish to pursue a career abroad, you are in the right place! To enter our MBA, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree At IES Business School, you will realize your full international potential.


Why choose IES ?
  • Individualized support
  • 25 students per class
  • Renowned teachers and quality professional counsellors 
  • Opportunity to study abroad
Teaching methods
    • Themed conferences
    • Weeks of activity
    • Business games
    • Theoretical and practical courses

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